Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Star Wars Timeline

It was not like I had not read other novels based on the Star Wars universe, but until a couple of months earlier, I never really owned a Star Wars novel.

Then, I happened to buy the novel 'The Final Prophecy' by Greg Keyes on a clearance sale. I read it with the same vehemence I had read other literature on Star Wars. After I had finished it, I happened to run my eyes over the Star Wars timeline. (Something like

I was hooked. An
obsession got into me, and I decided that I would make it a point to collect as much of those material as I could, before I took my last breath. I bought another paper back, 'Cloak of Deception' by James Luceno at the cover price (225 Indian rupees). And then I hit a jackpot. I came across another clearance sale, where I layed my hands on seven hardbound and a small paperback based on the movie(second episode). I shelled out a totall of 1100 rupees. That is quite a part of my present earnings.

I was all happy, seeing I would be soon fulfulling my wish, and then the vastness of the universe hit me, when I encountered this site:
Ultimate Timeline. I was dumb founded by the immenseness of the whole timeline.

But, as I said earlier, I was obsessed. So, I trudge on, in my efforts at collecting as much as possible, of this Star Wars universe.


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